Space Life: Counterdrop

 Station spinning, wondering what to do, an issue that's been plaguing me lately. I have been making a fortune in space money over the last month running 10/10's on two chars, but I am getting to the point where I am rich enough to welp ships for years, and I'm not seeing the point of continued grinding in this respect.

I'm still living with Co2 in Impass, I have a love-hate relationship with them. I like my corpies, and my good friend Killa from the old times has been out flying with me which I appreciate. It's important not to let old friendships wither.

My inbox chimes, a note from the corp head.

'Wings Wanderers has been reset to neutral, feel free to harass them as you see fit.'

I am happy to read this. Impass is a remote region, and these folks are close enough to make for actual content. I have to admit, I have been having a hard time figuring out how to pvp in nullsec. I have been spoiled with easy access to quick fights for years, and this is a new ballgame for a solo lowsec pilot like me. My pvp experience most involves jumping 25 jumps out of friendly space and dying to a blob on a gate anymore. So I'm often just waiting for an impromptu fleet to form and station spinning.

Wings Wanderers ratting home was only 10 jumps out from where I am staging, I have been over there running DED sites in their space while we were blue. They roll with some nice stuff, and I took the time to speak in local to those I came across, even buying a 10/10 from one. I get to thinking I can maybe use assumptions that I am doing pve work to my advantage and do some forced pvp.

I load up into an active rep VNI, with neuts and hybrids in the high slots, and put my alt into a GNI. I load a medium bubble into my hold, along with an improved exile. Training the biology and neurotoxin skills to 5 was a great investment, as I rarely roll negative effects and the boosters last for hours sometimes. A few years ago I manufactured a over 100 of every kind of booster available at the time, and I have yet to run out. Drugs are good.

I hit up Killa and ask if he would like to come, and am happy to hear he would like to. He has a very tanky Gila in station, and we set out.

We make our way toward unfriendly skies, Killa is ahead of me as I stopped to say goodnight to my Son. He calls out that there is an unfriendly Gnosis on an outgate ahead, and that it agressed him before he jumped through.

My alt is just about there, so I send her in as a tackle, while killa waits on the other side of the gate. The Gnosis is happy to agress me, and I tackle and land jams, unfortunately not before he sticks his drones on me. I can rep them for enough time to get clear though.

I land in my main as Killa comes through the gate and we commence to pounding, but then the cyno goes up, and  Naglfar class Dreadnought jumps into the fray.

We decide to try and finish off the Gnosis, but I drop my jams in order to jam out the Nag. I am not able to apply jams to him, which lets me know he is in siege mode and committed to staying here for the duration of his cycle.

It takes about a minute to finish the battleship, and he manages to take my alt out once he can apply a scram. It is notable that while we had been fighting, we noticed that the Nag wasn't applying damage very well to us. Killa was orbiting under his guns with an afterburner fit, and I was repping hard with my improved exile, though I was wishing I hadn't gone with a mwd fit.

We de-agressed and were getting ready to continue our journey, and in a strange bit of happenstance, fellow Co2 member and CSM candidate The Judge wandered past our battle.

He jumped into our channel in comms and said he was cyno fit, and we could certainly kill this guy. The catch was that we needed to keep him busy long enough for a super pilot to gate 3 jumps so as to be within drop range.

What followed was an awesome 20 minutes of fighting above our weight class. The Nag was focused on me in my Vexor Navy, as my increased signature meant he could apply well enough. After the paste ran out in my ancillary rep, I had to bounce to a tactical to reload, otherwise he would have smashed me up. Killa was able to hold his ground and keep point on the sieged Dread.

Whose friends would get there first to help? Turns out our did, and it sure did feel cool to kill that thing. Even with the 'expect the unexpected' mentality that you should take in Eve, its sure still can surprise the hell out of you.


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