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Writing for Eve News24

 Wheeling and dealing in New Eden can be a huge risk. The game encourages people to be shady in their dealings, and you can't always take someone at their word. Ambiguity is king, it allows us to become whatever we want and shed our real personality, but also unlocks the door for people to roleplay a person with shady morals. You have to watch your back out there. I occasionally do some artwork for ISK, things like logo design, photoshops, or even physical paintings. In real life I work from home as an artist and it is nice to be able to make in game monies that way as well. Dealing with this ambiguity in a business setting can be difficult and I have been burned before. I was recently hired by a corp to redesign their corp logo. It was a big job, and they had an idea of what they wanted that changed a few times during the process, making the job take a few days. At the end I turned over my work, and then a few hours later, my contact dropped corp and became incommunicado. A

Emergent Gameplay Gone Right; Exploding a Vendetta

Well, it went right for me anyway. I can't say as much for the other guy. The Alliance is spread out right now across two regions. We fight alongside Brave, Tikle, and others for control of Catch against Pandemic Legion, Northern Coalition, and Goons. We are still maintaining Esoteria as our home for ratting, mining, and production. Most groups in Test have home constellations there, and work there to bring the system indexes up and provide tools for the front in the form of ships, modules, fuel, and thousands of other things needed to bring the pain. Being so spread out can be tough on the individual pilot. Keeping a second set of ships at the ready for home defense is expensive and keeping track of which ships to keep where is sometimes confusing. Having a Dread and a Carrier on standby in both arenas requires a particularly baller Pilot. I keep my main in the active warzone, and my main alt in our home system. The alt usually sleeps and that is fine. While she can fly

Complacency in SOV Space; Why You Suck at Eve Now

 I am an immigrant to fozziesov, having come to live in nullsec after the implementation of the mechanic. I'd like to talk a little bit about what the impression of nullsec is to the non-nullsec dweller as opposed to the reality, and whether the mechanic promotes healthy gameplay. While I know that it's not the path of every pilot in New Eden, the way it seems like the linear flow of the game is as follows. HISEC You are born into Empire space in hisec, a somewhat safe environment. The hisec area offers a taste of the different mechanics of the game, allowing you to learn which ones suit you, and leads you down a path that you will eventually outgrow but with a focus on what you would like to be when you 'grow up'. While I know that many players make hisec their home, it does seem that by limiting the isk and nerfing the progression of the player in many hisec areas that ccp tries to promote a natural progression into the less secure areas of the game. Asi