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Getting Involved in the Big Picture

You hear that? That my friend is the sweet sound of nothing. The holiday bustle is finally over. The house is back to normal, the kid goes back to school, and the wife goes back to work tomorrow. It's snowing outside, but the weather was good enough to wait until after the traveling was done to get really bad. Tomorrow I hope to get into some artwork I have been putting off, but tonight I'm shaking up my Eve life a little for the new year. I've decided on a whim to get involved with this latest war popping off in the south. I have always wanted to live in Catch/Esoteria, the hunting and pve are excellent, but I have never made it past expeditions of a couple weeks. Since the Goons moved out there after wwb, the area is a lot less accessible. I did notice my last time out to catch before all this began that it had quieted down enough that newbro explorers were coming back to the area, eager to get rich on those intact armor plates the Sansha sites drop. Being a solo

Battle Heron

Old habits die hard, and I thought I would go out and look for someone to shoot at. This is easier said than done in Solitude, and after some running around in a Stratios, I switched to something I'm seeing a lot of out here, a Heron. With so many alpha players around this area, and explo being a popular newbro activity, I blend right in. The Heron is the best ship for a new player to explore in, as it has as the most mids of any explo frig, and the scan rigs really help a new player track down sites in good time. I have tried a few different iterations of the battle heron over the years. They do well in the factional warzone as you will often be confused with a plexing farmers. There are two fits I'll link here if you want to give one a try. I have varying success, but at least I get fights and content. [Heron, Battle Heron] Damage Control II Micro Auxiliary Power Core II Warp Scrambler II Adaptive Invulnerability Field II 1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner M