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Dank Leaks and Let's Get On with the Memes

Never get too comfortable in this business. The day before yesterday, as I jumped on the Eve Reddit for the first time, I was greeted with the headline '[Co2 Leak] When you want to leave toxic CO2, but supers are in build....' I cringed, Co2 has really been cascading lately and there are often posts like this. Already I'm worried my day is about to get complicated. As I fear, I end up reading a pastebin where my corp CEO discusses membership with another alliance and trashes Co2 leadership and toxic FC's. He's not really wrong on any account, but what was obviously a feeler conversation is now public knowledge and there are consequences doubtless incoming. At that point, my initial reaction was anger and frustration. I've written before about how I feel when people who choose to take responsibility for the hobby of another person, a hobby that they pay for, it is disrespectful and haughty. Sast is not a small corp, and there are easily hundreds of bi