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Like a Virgin

It's been a few days since I posted, I am an artist irl and get slammed with Christmas commissions this time of year. It's great, but my time to blog is the first thing to go. I have been loving Eve lately, again the idea to throw everything to the wind and reinvent my char has paid off in a resurgence in my interest and enjoyment of the game overall. There is a sadness that goes along with finding your passion becoming dull, repetitive, or uninteresting. It's great to know that setting a few new goals relieves that feeling. I have been living in Black Rise for quite some time, the quick access to content was nice as a solo pilot, and it was easy blend in with the mess of militia in the area. Fighting both sides is good for content and kills, but eventually the area has become overrun with these giant groups of pilots, and being the solo guy is a lot more of getting blobbed that gf's. In addition to all that, many of the giant blocks, some former null groups, h

My Eve Birthday, Or, Doldrums and the Cure

In a week, my main will turn two years old. I know this isn't a huge milestone, many people have played Eve far longer than me, and two years might be considered 'just getting started' to many, but it's worth some contemplation. After two years, I am close to 60 million sp on my main, and 30 million on my main's support alt, and about 11 million on my hauler/industry alt. My support alt is training into combat links at the moment and after that I plan to start the long climb to cyno 5, so she can make for a better hunter. My main is well on his way to training for a capitol ship, with only a couple weeks remaining until his skill are up enough to fly it properly. After that he'll be working on a marauder. Across my accounts I have around 16 billion in liquid isk, and close to twice that in assets. I have a bad habit of building fleets of ships, and then letting them gather dust in hangers, I have been thinking lately of liquidating some of those fit