Dank Leaks and Let's Get On with the Memes

Never get too comfortable in this business.

The day before yesterday, as I jumped on the Eve Reddit for the first time, I was greeted with the headline

'[Co2 Leak] When you want to leave toxic CO2, but supers are in build....'

I cringed, Co2 has really been cascading lately and there are often posts like this. Already I'm worried my day is about to get complicated. As I fear, I end up reading a pastebin where my corp CEO discusses membership with another alliance and trashes Co2 leadership and toxic FC's. He's not really wrong on any account, but what was obviously a feeler conversation is now public knowledge and there are consequences doubtless incoming.

At that point, my initial reaction was anger and frustration. I've written before about how I feel when people who choose to take responsibility for the hobby of another person, a hobby that they pay for, it is disrespectful and haughty. Sast is not a small corp, and there are easily hundreds of billions staged out of Impass right now. The actions of a single person in this game can really have real world effects on hundreds of people around the world, and this one action could easily serve to kill Eve for many of us. I would never fly a ship I couldn't afford to fly, but then again, you don't fly your entire fleet of ships at once. Loosing everything tangible you've managed to accumulate over your career would be pretty soul crushing. I could see myself leaving Eve for any period of time or even indefinitely after an event like this.

So I logged in, salty, and started trying to get a jump on a firesale of all my doctrine ships and whatever else I wasn't too attached to. Co2 has a trading mailing list which was very helpful, and I listed everything well below either alliance contracts, or Jita buy price. I took a loss, but not as much as I would have if I had gotten stuck with a bunch of alliance fit ships for an alliance I am no longer a part of. I noticed several other members have firesales up, including leadership, and so it is obvious that I am not acting in a reactionary manner. Over the course of the day, I am happily able to sell all my ships, save a Legion, which will just come along.

A Corp meeting is called for in discord, and I choose to attend. It seems silly but I really am considering not bothering. I am still very upset over the situation, and I tend to make long angry speeches when I am in that headspace. On the other hand, at any minute I'm about to be homeless in hostile space and I literally have no idea what to do, so to teamspeak I go.

So what happened? The short of it is that our leadership has been discussing leaving Co2 for a little while because of waning participation in fleets, but over the last few days that effort has stepped up and become more serious. There were several catalysts including FC's not dropping response fleets to save tackled super pilots because of personal beefs, but that escalated farther when said pilots were only referred to as retards and denied compensation. Its a lot of drama and not the whole story I'm sure, but it is a prime example of what it's like to try and deal with anyone in Co2 in a position of power, it's all one-upping and posturing.

I might just be hard to deal with, but I don't ever remember being yelled at so much in all my life as I did in Co2 fleets, and that just stops the fun pretty quick. I think what they are going for is a para-military organization, but that doesn't really work if everyone is the Drill Sergent, it's just a lot of yelling.

I like the guys in my corp though, it's the only thing that has kept me around Co2. I am still a solo pilot, and I think I will never be able to shake that, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have friends. I worry they think I do not like them sometimes, as I am always off doing my own thing.

So it turns out Co2 leadership gave us a 48 hour grace to exfil, which is more than they had to do, which is nice. As this was forced upon us, we don't have a lot of options and so we go to Test, as they are blue to Co2 and their space is close. From what I understand, Test alliance is known for not taking the game as seriously as some people like. I hope this ends up being a positive move.


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