A Big Pond

The Ascension update was pushed back an extra week in a dev announcement today, as CCP scrambles to put a layer of polish on what is the most involved update to the sandbox in recent history. This is the hammer on what has been a huge year for updates within the game. CCP's roadmap over this time has been both ambitions and, for the most part, a positive change in my opinion. These have been large updates, and they have all been accompanied by plenty of documentation as to the features that were planned to be added, well in advance. This has been necessary in many cases as player feedback is an important part of the evolution of Eve. All that said, I have really been missing the opportunity for the individual to get involved in the history of Eve, there doesn't seem to be much left to discover.

When I started playing Eve, the Caroline's Star event was just happening, Drifters were awakening, and making their presence felt across the cosmos, and there was a lot of uncertainty as to what that implied for the rest of us.

Caroline's Star was named after the pilot who discovered it, and the team of in-game astronomers who triangulated its position in Jove space was featured on the scope. The first pilot to find a Jovian wormhole (and subsequently die there) was heavily featured in the lore, as was the recovery of his body. There are many fine examples over our past of individual Capsuleers getting involved in the big picture. It makes our universe feel more alive and brings us closer to it.

This is a game of dreams, and the longer we play, the easier it is to become detached from that feeling. These little reminders that this game is all about the individual do well for all of us, they keep us looking to the stars. They keep us invested.

It used to be that there was on organization of volunteers in game committed to driving lore, called the AURORA. They would write in game news, stage happenings throughout New Eden, and provide voice to in game events. They had the support of CCP, who would help them stage these events in such a way as to dissuade player interference. But should players interfere, they would become part of this living story that was unfolding. As all good volunteer programs within Eve, it eventually dissolved.It would be good if there was an equivalent CCP employee committed to this end.

I'm not really trying to argue for more roleplay, though I think everyone roleplays in some way, even if it's just an imagined backstory for your character. I just wish there were some small things within these large releases that weren't set in stone long in advance.


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