CCP Confirmed Amarr Alts

I'm just joking with you, but hey, why do the Amarrs get all the love in this game?

The latest event is underway, and we are again fighting Bloody Omir for the glory of the Empress. Right up front I will say, this is an excellent event, and the balance of reward drops is just right. It inspires capsuleers of all ages into space, and creates content aggregators in systems that would otherwise go unused. This is absolutely an event done right.

It seems petty to be bothered that the Amarr are again at the forefront of an event, but I guess I am. We all crowded into amarr two weeks ago for the coronation ceremony, the Golden Fleet is still parked there. Not long before that we were witness to the tournament that determined said ruler, a tournament only the Amarr were welcome to participate in. The purity of the throne event just wrapped up, and I really like the white skins, very Star Wars, but this next event is dropping two more flavors of Amarrian ship skins?

The roleplay in Eve is real, it influences the culture and by extension us. I've seen it in every organization I've been a part of. Whether consciously or not, people care about their race, and they want the opportunity to show it. For example, if the Minmatar had gotten the Iron Sails Skins, we would see cool factional warfare battles of white vs. black, and the lore of this would be awesome, as the righteous amarr fight to bring the infidel back under their heel. The more I think about this, the more I want a black thrasher.

I will not say it is an easy thing to do, our devs work miracles, but even a slight shift in the rats we are fighting and the story, and we could add some depth to another race for a change. There is no need to work up a whole new event, just sub in something else.

I am a Minnie Pilot, and was heavily involved in faction warfare once upon a time, so I feel like I have a good grasp on what the Minmatar experience is all about. But I have very little relationship with the other races, even to the point I would have trouble describing them with a single adjective.

Everyday I fly by stations and beacons, that have the names of factions and companies that I haven't had a chance to get to know. I wish we could add depth the these groups by including them into events like this.


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